Sales & Storytelling, by David Frost

Any of us who have been blessed by having children have witnessed the non-verbal behaviours expressed by our child as we get stuck into that bedtime story – I can remember my daughter’s eyes widening, her beaming smile and look of anticipation: even if it’s the same story being repeated many times over [with maybe a few tweaks!]

We have known for a long time that bedtime stories stimulate parent-child bonding, and prepare the child for sleep. Researchers now have attached other outcomes to this one/one time: They say that when the three little pigs encounter with the big bad wolf reaches its climax, the parent is also enhancing the child's brain development.

So what is happening when we relate an effective sales story in the modern business world?

It is obvious that humans love a great story, but what exactly makes a well-structured story so hard to resist? Why is that compelling stories of human struggle and triumph the most appealing to people of all backgrounds? And how does this relate to new business leads Melbourne?

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