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Updated: May 10, 2020

Some salespeople dread the Monday morning sales meeting more than they dread anything else in the coming week, and for good reason.

No one wants to sit in a boring meeting first up on a Monday, but we often put up with it [or we are not given a choice].

So unless you have a culture of critical thinking & challenging the status quo, and you regularly bring processes into question to review their necessity, a lot of what we do

happens on autopilot.

Today I am going to focus on the first step of the sales process: the mechanics of the Monday morning sales meeting!

In one of my previous roles, these meetings were painful. Instead of inspiring us to go for it, they had the opposite effect. Ty always seemed to have got out of the wrong side of the bed on Mondays and he was good at trashing the moods of others. His tirades to 'whip us into shape' were interspersed with so many corporate buzzwords that we were left scrambling for an urban dictionary. Challenging the efficiency of these meetings earned instant rebuke.

Unproductive meetings can hurt your business more than some think. Five people x 1 hour = 5 hours. Multiply that by everyone’s hourly value!

Ok, so here are some ideas to avoid these unmemorable occasions:

Before lunchtime on Friday, the sales manager emails out the agenda, including the goals for the meeting & everyone's responsibilities for Monday. He/she also captures that agenda in the communication tool you are all using to track everyone's progress week/week, like Trello for example.If people are joining in from another location, everyone needs to be on-screen.

Get rid of the chairs - if you want to start on time and finish on time, that's how to do it.

During the meeting, keep people on-point. (Only talk about facts relating to their job) You want to get the wheels turning, so ask a question of everybody. Even if they are rhetorical, it gets the team talking.

Facilitators sometimes ramble on, which can make the meeting more of a presentation than a discussion. Without giving everyone the opportunity to contribute, the sales manager might as well send them a recorded video memo. Let everyone contribute content & facilitate a quick brainstorming session.

Every sales meeting should stretch & challenge team members' skills to keep them at the top of their game. Activities can focus on prospecting, networking, lead generation, client meetings, presenting solutions or closing. The capability activity is all about ongoing skill development and is the key to creating value at the meeting.

And the perfect way to end the meeting is to deliver recognition to someone/team and show empathy if someone is struggling in any way. This humanises the sales manager and the final thought of everyone is a positive one.

Now everyone updates their Trello and its time for the weekend sports roundup, coffee & muffins before the fun starts!

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