About me

David Frost Marketing delivers new, qualified business appointments for my clients.

As a Business Development Manager who has worked with Fortune 500 and key APAC brands, I have added immeasurable value to many businesses. Experienced in pipeline management & the entire sales process, I have always utilised cold-calling techniques for all new business appointments throughout my career.

My own personal experience: I have had success working for Foxtel, SEEK, MelbourneIT, The Australian Business Forum, EnergyWatch, Netnames, and BI WORLDWIDE: an American corporation who were starting up in Australia with no brand name, no clients and no understanding of the target audience.


Skilled in generating new business meetings with SMB and Corporate Australia, I have sold to the likes of QBE, Chandler Macleod, Mazda, Chemist Warehouse and the Real Estate Group.

Cold calling works! The stats are clear :  cold calling done by a pro delivers the highest return on investment in getting new business appointments!


I am passionate about achieving the best outcomes for the business, their employees and their teams. 


So when you work with me, you should expect a collaboration of transparency, consistency & business acumen to deliver the results you are seeking.

What I do

I am good at doing what nobody else wants to do: cold calling prospects to create new business opportunities.

It's not the easiest job in the world, but I know what it takes to deliver results for clients: perseverance and the will to win!


I have been doing this for quite a while and in order to deliver results, what I would need from you is an understanding of:

  • Research your target clients - what does an ideal new business prospect look like?

  • What products/solutions can I discuss with a prospect?

  • Focus on a well-defined niche - where is the lowest hanging fruit?

  • Develop strong, easy-to-understand differentiators- ie what is your value proposition?

  • I have numerous lists to work off that I buy and get updated every 6 months, so you won't have to worry about getting data

So for example I may filter my current list of SMB and bigger business's to:

  • Specific geographical locations

  • Industry types

  • Business description

and so on

  • Facebook

Call to action

I have bought my own data lists and constantly update them by calling & verifying their accuracy, before I even start working with you.

This means I speak to more decision makers throughout your campaign.

It also means I'm increasing the efficiency of the calling, since I do not have to navigate my way through the company when qualifying your next meeting.


  • think about what you could do with all these new appointments in your calendar

  • talk to your colleagues

  • contact me-it doesn't cost anything to chat!

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